Belgian Chocolate & Homemade Chamoy

Strawberry Challenge Winner

Luis Tena

You just can't go wrong with chocolate covered strawberries and our Chocoberry cup is here to prove it. We use over 30,000 pounds of strawberries a year! Although we do add chocolate to our product, we still believe you can get many of the benefits strawberries have to offer. Did you know strawberries boost immune system, promote eye health, and even help fight cancer? This week the person who could guess the exact amount of strawberries in a bowl or get the closest won a free $10 gift card! With close to 400 participants, we had people guess from 13 to 100 strawberries. But the strawberry challenge proved to be a bit more difficult than last weeks gummy bear challenge. The correct answer was 73 strawberries and although nobody got the exact amount we do have 2 winners. Congratulations Jonathan Renteria and Taaniiaa Peenaa with the guess of 72 strawberries you won a free $10 gift card. Thank you to everyone else who participated and look out for more giveaways...