Belgian Chocolate & Homemade Chamoy

Takis in a Mason Jar Winner

Luis Tena

Every time I make an order of Takis "preparados" or Takis "loaded" my mouth gets watery! It is my absolute favorite thing on the menu. It is impossible to just get one. We mix Takis with homemade chamoy, lime, "chilito", pickle, and sour powers, making them addicting! This week the person who could guess the exact amount of Takis in a Mason Jar or get the closest won a free $10 gift card! With over 600 participants, we had people guess from 40 to 300. It looks like everyone loves Takis, this contest had 11 winners!  The correct answer was 85 Takis! Congratulations claudiarmz1, erika_barrientos95, Priscilla Ramos Garcia, Ileana Rincon, Geo Le Souris, Daniela Vasquez, Mayra c Sanchez, Ery Almaraz, Marylu Lopez, Estela Ramos, and Monica Villa-lopez you nailed it, you won a free $10 gift card. At what location would you like to pick up your gift card? Message Chocolateka on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you to everyone else who participated and look out for more giveaways...