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Mini Marshmallows Challenge

Luis Tena

When we opened our very first Chocolateka in Monterrey, NL, Mexico I couldn't stop eating marshmallows with chocolate. They are just so delicious! . Although our initial idea was to use them as toppings for a fruit cup or ice cream, our clients quickly showed us the right way with innovating ideas. You can now add mini marshmallows in the middle of a fruit cup or even better get a cup filled with mini marshmallows drenched with chocolate! This week the person who could guess the exact amount of Mini Marshmallows in a Mason Jar or guessed the closest won a free $10 gift card! With over 500 participants, we had people guess from 0 to 500. The correct answer was 303 Mini Marshmallows! Even though nobody was able to guess the exact amount we did have 2 winners that missed it by 1. Congratulations Cristina Rubio (302) Maria Palacios (304) you were so close, you won a free $10 gift card. At what location would you like to pick up your gift card? Message Chocolateka on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you to everyone else who participated! Look out for more giveaways!