Belgian Chocolate & Homemade Chamoy

Sour Powers Challenge

Luis Tena

A picture of sour powers "preparados" went viral and it changed Chocolateka forever. I remember working that day at our McPherson location, everyone was ordering our sour powers with homemade chamoy, lime, pickles, and "chilito". That picture was a turning point and enabled us to hire more employees and grow! We have incorporated sour powers into our Takis, Flaming Hot, or Tostitos "loaded" to add a kick to your blazing chips. This week the person who could guess the exact amount of sour powers in a Mason Jar or guessed the closest won a free $10 gift card! With over 600 participants, we had people guess from 5 to 150. The correct answer was 51 Sour Powers! Congratulations Aivy Torres, Eliana Marroquin, Najera Carmen, and gramos85, you won a free $10 gift card. At what location would you like to pick up your gift card? Message Chocolateka on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you to everyone else who participated! Look out for more giveaways!