Belgian Chocolate & Homemade Chamoy

Blueberry Challenge

Luis Tena

Who doesn't love blueberries? Not only are they delicious they can be a huge health benefactor. Blueberries are the king of antioxidants foods helping prevent cancer and even improve brain function. Blueberries and dark Belgian chocolate are match made in heaven... add some crushed almonds and you've got yourself a real game changer. Since we added raspberries to our menu, one of the most popular cups in San Antonio is the blueberry, blackberry, & raspberry cup. The combination of berries with our Belgian chocolate and whip cream might be one of my favorite cups. This week the person who could guess the exact amount of blueberries in a Mason Jar or guessed the closest won a free $10 gift card! With over 300 participants, we had people guess from 18 to 500! The correct answer was 338 blueberries! Congratulations Cassandra Gonzalez with the guess of 335 you were the closest. You won a free $10 gift card! At what location would you like to pick up your gift card? Message Chocolateka on Facebook or Instagram. Thank you to everyone else who participated! Look out for more giveaways!

What fruit additions should we make to our menu?!
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