Belgian Chocolate & Homemade Chamoy

Josefa, Luis, and Cibeles Tena

Josefa, Luis, and Cibeles Tena

We are More Than Chocolate, a dessert and snack family owned business specializing in Belgian Chocolate and Homemade Chamoy. We serve a wide variety of products including Fresh Fruit Cups, Ice Cream, Dulce de Leche/ Tart Frozen Yogurt, Chamoy Raspas, Takis/ Flaming Hots “Prepared”, Tamarindo Apples, Caramel Chocolate Apples, and our Chocolate Covered Strawberries. With over 1,000 events catered, our all inclusive catered events available in chamoy or chocolate fountain are as professional as they get. Customized party trays available for same day pick up! Feel free to enjoy your delicious treats in our unique lounges with great atmosphere and comfortable sofas or take them to go in tidy containers. BUT DON’T MISS OUT!
— Luis Tena Jr.

Open Your Eyes

Walking into a fashion show Josefa Tena was modeling in, we knew we were there to witness one of our family members chase her dream. Little did we know a chocolate fountain would inspire our father's next bright idea completely altering our life following this dream. Within a month, we owned our 1st chocolate fountain and we prepped for our 1st event in our cousins home in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. We started doing wedding and "quinceańeras" expositions for exposure and clients. After seeing the excitement in people's faces when they saw a chocolate fountain, we knew we could do more.



Homemade Chamoy

Our sweet and sour sauce made from natural fruits is what separates us from the competition. You can't find our secret recipe anywhere else in the world. It is now common for someone to walk into our store thinking they hate chamoy, but quickly change their mind after trying a free sample. Many people even order something with chamoy thinking it was just a chocolate shop.



Chocolateka is not known as a "Me too Company", our star products were created by us. Through the years our family has turned unique ideas into reality. We strongly believe competition plays a major role in our constant improvement and staying ahead of the curve. We promise our customers we will continue creating innovative products, setting delicious new trends.